A Journey of Flavours

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Salt-­Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant

A Journey of Flavours through Morocco

Salt-­Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant

A Journey of Flavours through Morocco

Born from Tradition. At Salt-­Marrakech we love traditional Moroccan cuisine. Morocco has one of the richest and most varied culinary traditions in the world. Our seasonal menus reflect the best of Morocco.

A New Way of Expression. Moroccan cuisine is not all tajines and couscous. At Salt-­Marrakech we highlight Moroccan ingredients and methods with a new sensibility. Visiting chefs re-interpret Moroccan cuisine with their own vision and culinary background. Together we imagine a new Moroccan cuisine.

Authentic Morocco. For 15 years the Sanssouci Cooking School has been sharing Moroccan culture through her traditional cuisine. The stars of our kitchen are the women who carry inside them the oral tradition, having learned their repertoire from their mothers and grandmothers, stretching back thousands of years.

Giving Back. Our Guest Chef Programme has charitable giving at its heart, and Salt‐Marrakech is proud to support girls education in rural Morocco.

Our Menu changes with the seasons and individual dishes may change at anytime. While we have a visiting chef in residence, the menu will change daily according to what inspires the chef amongst the ingredients we find. Often it will not be possible to say ahead of time what the menu will be. If you have particular dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know when you reserve.

Autumn 5-Course Tasting Menu
November, 2016
Subject to change based on availability

Shot with canapés

Apples and pears with harissa, toasted almonds, and argan oil

Cumin-infused carrot bissara with crispy ouarqa

Lemon sole, shaved cucuzza, wild asparagus and artichokes with a saffron butter sauce

Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb, ras el hanout, prunes, apricots and coriander

Rose-geranium infused yoghurt pannacotta with roasted fruits

700 MAD per person TTC
Reservations essential; spaces limited

Guest Chef

Re-­visiting Moroccan Cuisine with some of the world’s most interesting and innovative chefs

The Visiting Chef Programme is a collaboration between talented chefs and Salt-Marrakech. The combination of traditional Moroccan cuisine and the fresh ideas of a visitor produces delicious results.  We are seeking to explore the potential of Moroccan fine dining without losing sight of tradition.

Guest ChefsIf you are a chef and would like to come and cook with us please drop us a line.  Thus far we have had the pleasure of welcoming several leading chefs including Najat Kaanache, Jane Campbell-Howard, and Celeste Pianezzola as guest chefs.

We have also welcomed several other leading chefs and cooking authors for collaborations and other culinary explorations including Yotam Ottolenghi, Mourad Lahlou, Choumicha, Sara Scott, Shane Dalia, Sophia Palmer, Hassan M’Souli, and Paula Wolfert.

Our Objective.  Moroccan cuisine is one of the great, unsung cuisines of the world.  Intensely complex, rich in history and flavour, it offers incredible scope for creative exploration.  Together with our guest chefs we are exploring this potential.

Charitable Giving.  We believe in giving back, which is why a portion of the proceeds of all guest chef visits are donated to a variety of local and international charities.


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House Team

Dedicated to Serving you a great Moroccan meal at Salt-­Marrakech

Pierre Herve is your host at Salt-Marrakech. The kitchen team is led by Saida, who has been with us for 10 years. She is supported by a team of traditional Moroccan chefs Fouzia, Hayat, Fatna, Majda, and Meriem. Hamid leads the service team.

Reserve a Table

Seating is Limited; Reservations Required

Small is beautiful; seating is limited. We do not turn tables, there is only one seating each night. Dinner begins at 20:00. Please arrive between 19:00 and 19:30.

Please note that reservations are required. You can book online or call us. Credit cards are required. Cancellations must be given by 18:00 the day before either in writing or by phone.

Online Reservations. You can book a table online for up to 4 guests. For larger parties, please call or write to us.

Reservations by Phone. If you wish to book by phone please call us on +212 524 38 27 40.

Reservations by Email. Please write to us at:


A Journey of Moroccan Flavours

Opening Times:
Open Nightly from 19:00 to 23:00
Closed Tuesdays

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